Michael Fitzgerald
OPEX Upper Main Line client

Michael Fitzgerald

I changed my work commute and started passing the OPEX Upper Main Line sign on the hill. Having priorities in my life change, I hadn’t focused on fitness, wellness or working out for about 10 years. Prior to that, I was mainly adherent to fitness classes involving weight lifting and cardio. Over time, that became predictable, unchallenging, and quite stale! It was something I just couldn’t see myself going back to and having reached a more mature age (okay, 57), going back just wasn’t an option if I wanted to feel good and like I could recover well enough to handle the rest of my daily work and life requirements. After checking out the OPEX Upper Main Line website, I decided to make a visit.

Cody and Emily Loeffler are energetic and passionate about helping people. Cody asked me about my fitness goals, which up until that point in time, I hadn’t really considered. The conversation turned to asking me more about “how I was feeling,” and “what I was interested in changing?” From some additional, basic questions came the answers I needed and the obtainable goals that I could achieve. Losing weight, sleeping better, increased energy, improved workout routines were just a few to make this list. I was paired up with coach Ty Fischer for an overall analysis and assessment to find out where I sat within the fitness and get a starting point. From there, Ty got to work setting up my daily and weekly workout routines. The entire experience for the client is really easy and welcoming. All of my workouts are delivered by email nightly, and I can access my entire account and all of my fitness programming through a web application called FitBot. I can complete my workouts at my pace and according to my schedule. Entering the results into the mobile app, saving and tracking all of my progress couldn’t be easier! Ty and I can see progression, improvements, what routines work for me, and Ty can make any necessary changes on the fly to be able to accommodate my every need for exercise.

Ty and the other coaches on the floor at OPEX Upper Main Line are very approachable and give you great feedback each day on how you are performing. They ensure I’m doing an exercise correctly, using the right form, being safe and smart, etc. Everyone has their own goals and the gym has members doing their own individual workout routines with enthusiasm and energy, always giving it 110%. This creates a contagious “I can do this” atmosphere, a positive environment, resulting in making you want to push your limits, no matter what your age or physical capabilities. After only 3 months, I’ve been able to decrease my weight and increased my muscle mass using the Inbody 270 machine located at OPEX. My sleep has improved, I manage stress much better, and I plan on partnering with the coaches at OPEX Upper Main Line as I continue this journey!

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