David Gascoigne
OPEX Upper Main Line client

David Gascoigne

I met Emily and the OPEX folk several months ago.  I needed to get more active and healthy.  I had tried Pilates, yoga, and spin but to little benefit.  My wife persuaded me to join OPEX and have personal training with Emily. At first I thought Emily was crazy as I was intimidated by the thought of weights, work on legs, cardio...and all in one session.  I gave it a try and to be honest thought it would be a one-off. Several months later my life has been transformed from a fitness perspective.  I never thought at this stage in my life I would be able to lift as much as I can...3x my starting weight.  But it's not just weight.  My core strength has improved, my back and knees have strengthened them and even more remarkable, I have suddenly found out I can run distance.

It's tough and you have to be devoted but Emily is wonderful.  She knows your limits, pushes you and at the same time is a pleasure.  I have a joint session with my wife and that is also great as we have something in common to work at together.  The smiling Devil as I call her has transformed our lives in many aspects and we attend 3 times a week without exception.

Finally the whole set up is great and professional.  There is no competition in the facility as everyone has their limits be whether you can lift 50 pounds or 300 pounds.  There is great camaraderie amongst the staff and members.

Love the place, love the people, give it a try regardless of age, weight or size.

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