Dan Lawson
OPEX Upper Main Line client

Dan Lawson

Last fall, it was time for a life change. It had taken me several months to come to the decision as there were so many factors that went in to my due diligence in preparing to make the transition. I’m not talking about something as drastic as a move to a new home or job but that certainly didn’t help make the decision easier or less stressful on me. When my wife and I built a home and moved back to Chester County 5 years ago I had no idea that I was also going to find a new home within a local gym. As we re-familiarized ourselves to this location over the years I began to grow very deep personal relationships with other patrons at this establishment. Taking part in each other’s personal lives outside of working out together became routine, so when considering this change 9 months ago, there was a lot to consider. It kept me awake many nights, and generally distracted daily with my job. Retrospectively, these personal relationships were likely the glue that kept me as a member within this community long after I had lost interest in what I was actually there to do…

When I had first joined that gym, roughly 5 years ago, it had been about a decade since I actively worked closely with a coach and followed any sort of external exercise programming. Of course, I tried my hand at several online programs, etc, but mostly to show no gains. Just having that structure in my life led to immediate progress both mentally and aesthetically and I honestly thought that I had found my permanent home. Time went on, and so did the programming. Daily workouts were posted that I was confident that if I followed, would build the body and mind set that I constantly seek. I had no idea at the time that “group programming” wasn’t as ideal as “individualized programming” if changes and progress in my fitness were expected. I suffered many injuries as a result of the group programming that was my own fault for trying to do too much whilst maximizing the investment in my membership. Because of this on again, off again relationship brewing I decided it was time for a change. I had learned so much over the years about my training that I was confident in “doing it myself” for a while at a cheaper, more accessible gym. Boy was I wrong.

It was about that time that I overheard a neighboring conversation about all the wonderful things that Cody and Emily were doing via OPEX Upper Main Line. I had known Cody and Emily as they were coaches at my previous gym in my early days. There, they quickly established themselves as the most knowledgeable, caring, and intense coaches and athletes not only in the South-Eastern PA market but all over the country as they were competing on national levels. My wife and I are devout non-social networkers or otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to over hear about OPEX Upper Main Line though casual conversation. Cody and Emily had already established themselves in Malvern, PA both physically with a location as well as all over the internet. Success stories about other athletes who had made the transition and were benefiting immensely by working hand to hand with these two experts were plastered all over their walls.

I visited, and after the long overdue hugs and catching up, I shared some of my frustrations and future goals. Cody very simply smiled and said, “We will get you to where you want to be, but you have to do the reps.” I still think about that interaction today, and get chills thinking about his delivery. I have NEVER been more motivated to put in the reps. The programming is for me…not the group, and because of that, I am stronger that I have ever been.

If you are seriously looking for a partner to help you maximize your potential in training…look no further than the coaches at OPEX Upper Main Line. They care about you…because that’s what individualized programming is all about.

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