Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams

Floor Coach

OPEX Principles of Program Design

Jeremy has been coaching in the fitness industry since 2012. He has coached individuals, teams, and groups for general fitness as well as sport specific development. Jeremy retired from the Army after 26 years of service where he was responsible for ensuring physical readiness of his assigned personnel and training individuals who were preparing to join the military. He also he spent 6 years training and advising Soldiers who were aspiring to join special operations units. During the last few years of his military service he opened a very successful group fitness facility located in Fayetteville, North Carolina where he was able to touch hundreds of individuals who were seeking physical fitness improvements. 

Jeremy enjoys being able to influence others to be better, both inside and outside the gym. As a coach his best days are when he can teach someone something new or help someone do something they’ve never done before. He believes that fitness is a life long commitment so we can live a happy and healthy and most importantly, a mobile life. 

In addition to completing the OPEX Principles of Program Design coursework, Jeremy holds several specialized fitness credentials including certifications as a CF-L2 Trainer, and has completed CrossFit Weightlifting, Endurance, Rowing, Mobility, and Kids seminar courses.  Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge to the OPEX Upper Main Line team, specifically having a tremendous eye for correcting and enhancing movement, and utilizing his wealth of experience working with and cueing individuals for over 10 years. 

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