Cody Loeffler

Cody Loeffler

Cody is the Owner of OPEX UPPER MAIN LINE; Paoli PA’s premiere training facility and Individually Designed Fitness gym.  Cody has been coaching, personal training, and providing individualized programming for both on-site and remote clients since 2011.  He most enjoys being able to reach every individual he works with not only on a physical fitness level, but also on a personal level; pushing those individuals to their greatest ability potential, watching them grow in all aspects of their lives, celebrating their achievements, and developing long lasting relationships with members and clients that span far beyond the walls of the gym. 

“Indiduvidually designed fitness coaching allows clients to push themselves to be better in every aspect of their lives. People from all walks of life are coming in on a daily basis working hard, and when you are going through your weekly training with a coach who sincerely knows you on a personal level, who know how it feels to be committed to living a greater quality of life using fitness as the medium for this progress—it becomes something more than ‘just exercise’. We want to provide the ultimate full spectrum client-coach experience. Growth occurs at the border of support and challenge. We encourage our clients to go forth and surpass every expectation they have ever had of what they believe is possible. We can change your life for the better, and its truly remarkable.”

5x Crossfit Games Regional Competitor
2x Crossfit Games Team Competitor (2013 & 2014)
National Professional Grid League-Phoenix Rise Athlete (2014 & 2015)
Susquehanna University Class of 2009

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