The Last Fitness Program You'll Ever Need
25 Oct

The Last Fitness Program You'll Ever Need

I find myself often being asked the question “What is that OPEX stuff?” How is it different from Boot Camp, CF, Orange Theory, HIIT, (insert generic short-lived group fitness program here)…

Aligning people with purpose using fitness as the medium to move them from where they are right now, in this very moment, to where they are going. Our clients get results. Not some of them. Every single one of them. Honestly, come by sometime and talk to them. Ask them about the experience they have with individually designed fitness and working with our professional coaching staff. They’ll show you the hard data we track monthly for each individual!

Our vision at OPEX Upper Main Line was to build a team of talented coaches, who are even better people, who care more than anyone else, about finding the way to get you results. Period.

How do we do that? We meet you where you are today. We level up and use that information to specifically design your program. Not “our program” not “everyone else’s program,”  “YOUR program.”

Why are you paying to go workout for one hour doing the same thing as everyone else--Getting instructed by instructors who might get to work with you for 90 seconds on their BEST day, as part of a large group scenario? (This is not necessarily because they’re all bad instructors, but because the group model demands triage and taking care of the people in the group with the least experience level, and leave the more experienced people in the group to their own devices because “Screw it! They know what they’re doing…” Ultimately these instructors are driven to be wranglers of the masses, rather than actual coaches, and have no idea about the intricacies of your lifestyle, stressors, or where your biggest values are aligned.

How are we different? We’re in the business of personalization for all things concerning fitness.  We build real relationships, present real coaching on a daily basis, and we get our clients real results.

“But Cody, I’m bad at working out by myself.” Have no fear…our peak business hours (morning and evening alike) average between 9-14 clients on the floor working through their programming in a high energy, team environment, with two or more inspired coaches giving them the attention they deserve.  Still not convinced? Stop in and say hello instead of going to your next regularly scheduled class! Me, or one of my coaches would love to sit down and talk with you about your goals and your lifestyle while you’re here.

“So, how do we get said results? Is there one way to get there?”—not specifically, but that’s the beauty of the team we have built at OPEX Upper Main Line.  We’re proud of the relationships we build with clients, we’re proud of the changes we make in the lives of our tribe, we stand behind the belief that no single person has the same needs, the same strengths or the same limitations, so we don’t believe that we are doing a service to our clients unless we can individualize and provide the personalized care that each and every one of them deserves. We let those beliefs drive the inspiration behind the passion our coaches have for helping people learn and grow through intelligent fitness program design and providing our people with a premier, personalized relationship as coaches.

Keep buying general fitness programs, and the best you’ll get are general results. If you take your fitness seriously, you deserve individualized coaching, and fitness programming.  How many programs have you tried in your lifetime? How many of them have you stuck with? Other models think about 90 days to success, we think about what success looks like for you from today until the age of 90!!

So, you want to know “what that OPEX stuff” REALLY is?...

It’s the last fitness program you’ll ever need.


Go Forth,

Cody Loeffler


*For answers to any more questions you might have, click the link at the top of the page to request a FREE consultation with me. No one loves talking more about why we offer the best coaching available than me.  I’d love to meet you. 

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