The Imitation Game
21 Sep

The Imitation Game

It’s re-assuring to see a lot of “individualized programming” starting to be offered from group fitness facilities lately. Although OPEX coaching may be imitated, it will NEVER be duplicated.  It’s simple, you either ARE an OPEX Coach, or you are not. 

It is said that imitation, is the finest form of flattery. As part of a massive growth movement of blossoming OPEX Facilities worldwide, being the owner of one of the very first OPEX licenses, I enjoy starting to see facilities in our surrounding area beginning to fumble to offer a diluted individualized service as an “add-on” to create a new “need” for their members.  As a company, we are built on clarity, consistency, and commitment to our message. Additionally, we specialize in the ability to individualize a comprehensive fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle plan accompanied by world class coaching, for every single client we have, and it comes with no extra cost. 

Every group fitness “coach,” who woke up yesterday and felt a strong sense of credibility to start offering a service they have limited ability and experience with, to cash in on the vulnerability of their members, only increases our possibilities of servicing them in the future.  When group fitness goers soon realize that Individualized Program Design is what OPEX does, they may reconsider these types of muddled individualized offerings beginning to surface (coincidental timing I suppose?). Personally, I would also question why my group coach, (who told me that I needed to be a part of the group since day one) would now ask me to pay more money for something he/she neglected to inform me that I needed before, (because it’s the only way they now tell me I will get better,) and yet, they still encourage me to take part in group classes also (which wont make me better?) Talk about a mixed and confusing message!!  

Generally speaking, I tend to raise a brow when I start to see signs of inconsistency within any service offering, and it seems that the current state of the union pertaining to fitness involves a LOT of mixed messaging, and cloudy information ranging from how to eat, to how to exercise, to what supplements you need, etc. etc. etc.  Why wouldn’t you want to work with a coach who can provide every element, down to the most granular detail, about your long-term health, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle, and longevity concerning all things fitness specific to you and your needs?                                    

If you want a REAL coach, get a REAL coach. If your coach really believed in individualization, he or she would abandon the group model and start sending a clear message to their members. Everyone wants to be a fast second when they see something that’s working.  This is no different…don’t forget who has been here all along. 

Go Forth, 

Cody Loeffler 

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