JT Boyer: A Super Dad's Guide to Health and Longevity
08 Oct

JT Boyer: A Super Dad's Guide to Health and Longevity

1. What is your background with fitness? (What did you do for exercise prior to coming to OPEX UML?)

Starting at a young age I desired to be fit. Most of that stemmed from always being one of the smallest kids in my class, so I did pushups, sit ups, and bicep/tricep workouts galore! I played sports all through college, so being “unfit” wasn’t really an option. After college you could find me at a LA Fitness doing standard bodybuilding type workouts. It wasn’t until I met Cody and Emily at OPEX Upper Main Line that the lightbulb was turned on for me, and I realized I had been missing out on dynamic functional fitness my whole life.

2. Has having an OPEX coach made it easier for you when it comes to traveling for work?

Definitely, hands down. My coach knows my schedule and fits what my needs are into the time I have available to exercise. Some weeks it’s more extensive and intense than others, and some weeks I am able to get in, get a great workout, and get out. It's the most efficient training system I have ever been a part of. 

3. Describe the role fitness plays in your life. How does OPEX help with this?

I refuse to be a ”normal dad”. I want to be and look different than most guys my age, who have families, that are content with letting their fitness go by the waste side. I want my son to see how hard I work and the results it yields, in hopes that he’ll also want to strive to be healthy.

The lifestyle that OPEX Fitness promotes naturally drives me to want to eat better, not drink as often, etc... do I eat perfectly? Nope, do I still enjoy beer and bourbon? Yup... but it’s all in moderation, by choice. I still enter the gym with a chip on my shoulder towards...I dunno, life, and refuse to let it win the battle of aging. 

JT Boyer

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