Enter OPEX: The best elements of Personal Training, Intelligent Program Design, and Fitness with Friends in one place!
16 Mar

Enter OPEX: The best elements of Personal Training, Intelligent Program Design, and Fitness with Friends in one place!

Fitness takes shape in many forms. For good reason, of course, because every individual has unique requirements for fitness relative to their overall function as a human being. Additionally, each individual finds attachment to fitness differently, from how they define it in the first place, to how they plan on attaining it and maintaining it throughout their lifetime.

For years the market has essentially had to select to embark on their fitness journey in some facet of the following ways:

  1. Personal Training: 1 on 1 setting for the individual who needs or prefers the most amount of attention and coaching requirement, often yielding a great deal of results in the short term, but ultimately lacking in the ability to sustain and create longevity for the individual or for the coach.  The most costly option for an individual.
  2. Globo-Gym: 1 individual working amongst their peers without specific direction from a coach, or any real community attachment, but the main perks being: having access to lots of equipment (often much of which is useless without said direction or coaching), convenience of schedule, and extra amenities such as the pool, aerobics class, racquetball, etc... which are fantastic components, especially to a typically very low end cost model, but more than often lead to very few results, even less in the way of sustainability, infrequent usage of the facility, and eventually an overall detachment from why they showed up in the first place. Tack on a long term contract with a really difficult cancellation process and we are left with clients paying lots of money over a long term duration, with little to show for it, and minimal usage monthly for what they are paying for.
  3. Group Fitness: CrossFit, Zumba, Orange Theory, etc... Although the models differ slightly in their approach, the overall concept is the same. Everyone working together in a collective environment, doing the same workout, having fun and suffering together at the same time. This model provides a high energy, intense, experience for the client, that establishes a great deal of connection to the service, model, and community through the bonds that are often developed through suffering with others equally devoted to a similar outcome. I lived and breathed this model for 7 years. A lot of great things came from it. Make no mistake, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all,” and that is a very powerful emotional experience for the group fitness client being “exposed” in their current level of fitness, and also so quickly encouraged, and motivated by their peers in those moments of vulnerability. “The last one to finish, always gets the loudest cheers!”  If you find yourself in a group setting with some polished coaching, you can see a lot of benefit, gain a lot of awareness around lifestyle, and make some great friends along the way. The drawback for the client in the group model long term is that although it is fun and the atmosphere is energetic, the individual ultimately loses out on the coach being able to tailor to their needs (not just goals, but actual needs) and over time, weekly intensity is poorly managed, which can disrupt the body’s ability to function normally, and the person either becomes overly attached to elements of fitness they had no connection to in the first place (ring muscle up) for example, which I am not arguing that they “shouldn’t” be doing, but more-so asking if anyone is taking the time to ask “why” that person would need that component of fitness relative to their lifestyle? Or, they, often without being conscious of the feeling, find themselves in an over-trained state where-in the results they used to get from high intensity efforts become more or less daily continuous “medium” intensity efforts, the results then plateau, no coaching adjustments are made, and the individual is left to question how to re-create that old response. The answer? Sometimes adding volume. Sometimes focusing on a specific strain of the methodology for example weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance (often without specific structure) Sometimes leaving altogether. While the intent is great, and the cost is in the median range for the client between globo gyms and personal training, the overall outcome falls short for the individual, but that’s not to say it can’t be effective, and certainly not to say it isn’t fun! Some of the best relationships I still hold today came from the group environment, and I am happy I had those experiences. Like the “leaving altogether” avatar mentioned above, fitness, in the professional sense to me, for being able to help the most people, and bring sustainability to how they view their life long journey with fitness, led me to ask—what’s next? What will capture the very best of these three worlds? What will last? Having lived in all of them at some capacity, I knew what the best qualities of all 3 were, and was always searching for the medium to offer the greatest service and experience I could, to change the face of what fitness looked like for people living in each of these 3 worlds.

Enter OPEX. Customized Fitness, in Community Environment. All the benefits of having your own personal coach for half of the cost, show up to workout when it fits the convenience of your schedule, complete your workouts in a fun, high energy, group setting, and get the coaching on the floor and the fun experience you look forward to. Far less expensive that having a personal trainer, and Far more cost effective to how we help you get results. Don’t miss out on not getting coached, or pay extra for generalized nutritional advice—your coach meets you where you are today, evaluates your fitness level, your nutritional habits, and the factors of your lifestyle, and they work with you weekly to keep you on track towards “why” you showed up to begin with. The market has been waiting for someone to fill the gap between customer experience, and the results they deserve. OPEX has you covered, no matter what you’re training for, at an affordable price. Customization, convenience, community, cost-effective. There are plenty of ways to exercise, OPEX finds YOUR way.

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