Chef Drum's Recipe for Nutritional Success: Step 1 Food Choices
06 Jun

Chef Drum's Recipe for Nutritional Success: Step 1 Food Choices

Your choices today, effect tomorrow. Your choices tomorrow, effect next week. Your choices next week effect next month. It’s a trend and a process, nothing can be achieved over night. Let’s start from the beginning, the basic building block to nutrition and long term health.



How do you choose what you eat? Do you grab whatever you see in the grocery store that looks appetizing or do you map out your week thoroughly with an objective in mind? NEITHER of these are correct or incorrect, one may be better than the other, but beginning with a PLAN is always essential. Let’s make this Month’s plan, the first month of your long-term journey to a healthy life, we will do that by removing PROCESSED foods. This list will include items that are not fresh, they are ready to eat out of the package, come in a box or bag typically including many preservatives and other garbage that you aren’t even able to pronounce listed in the “ingredients”. The goal is to begin to eat FRESH foods regularly. Our fresh foods list will contain fruits, vegetables and various types of lean meats; chicken, turkey, beef, pork and fish. Additionally, we would like to add other items in either snack form or add-on’s to our menu, those would be nuts, seeds and legumes. Beginning to be more conscious of our consumption is the first step in the right direction. As we move forward on this journey together we will begin to elaborate more specifically on how to personalize your menu SPECIFICALLY to you; our bodies are very different so we need an INDIVIDUALIZED plan!


Let’s start here:


Create your menu, grocery list or begin with your food choices by shopping the perimeter of the store with the exception of the bakery. Here you will find foods without preservatives and generally the healthiest choices you can put together. Now that you are changing your selections, let’s try a sample menu to get the ball rolling. This will be for the general populous, as stated earlier we will get into more depth with specifics and individuality in step number two.



Two egg scramble with peppers, onions and black beans with a potato hash. Sweet potatoes are actually quite delicious even for breakfast!


Morning Snack

Greek yogurt with a small handful of trail mix containing dried fruits, nuts and seeds.



Grilled chicken with seasoning of your choice, remember herbs and spices are FREE, great flavor and also no calories, no bland diet here! Roasted vegetables, this can be any mixture of your choice, peppers, onions, asparagus, squash, zucchini, brussel sprouts, carrots, YOU CHOOSE. Toss lightly in olive oil with some garlic salt and pepper, your ready to go! Easily prepped in bulk and also about as healthy as you can get!


Afternoon Snack

Let’s grab some of that hummus you always walk by and wonder what all the rave is about. Roasted red bell pepper or roasted garlic are both great and full of flavor. Now we need a vessel for that hummus, grab a bag of baby carrots. It’s a pretty delicious combo so lets portion this out, no more than a quarter cup of hummus and ten carrots should do the trick!



It’s that time of year, fresh seafood is plentiful and also full of reasons to eat! Lean and healthy fats, grab some wild caught fish, lightly coat in olive oil and your favorite seasoning and pan sear to perfection. On the side of that, lets grab some of that awesome vegetable mix you made up for lunch. Ever try quinoa? It’s a great substitute for rice, wild rice is also a great choice to go along with your fish, cooks up easily in some vegetable stock!



We are here to enjoy our lives, there is nothing wrong with things in MODERATION. Let’s repeat that, moderation, you do not need to fear the random trips with the kids to Rita’s, Froyo or birthday cake on celebrations! Long term health is more than just physical, if we can’t enjoy the sweetest part of life, what are we here for?!


Step One: Create a plan, map out your week, make smart food choices and check back soon so we can begin the second part of this journey!

Remember folks, you can't out train a bad diet! 

-Chris Drumheller, OPEX Upper Main Line Asst. Coach & Owner of Power Plant Prep ( 

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