5 Easy Steps to a Better Routine
22 Dec

5 Easy Steps to a Better Routine



Do you have a routine? Have you tried to start a daily routine before only to fall short a few weeks later? The secret to a successful routine is finding value in the tasks you are setting out to complete first.  If you can wrap your head around the idea that YOUR routine is an essential need for YOUR body to work and run effectively, a routine can become less of a drag, and even something that you look forward to getting out of bed every morning to complete.  Much like how we individualize exercise and training programs for each of our clients, we also take great consideration into the idea that each individual must have a daily routine that is aligned with their goals, values, and what makes them happy and fulfilled! Regardless of your routine (or current lack there of), taking steps towards developing good habits, and practicing them every day is a sure-fire way to get a jump start on a healthier, and happier lifestyle!! Below we have tried to compile some of the most common routine practices from the successful experience of our clients and coaching staff to try to bring some real, valuable, and most importantly, simple steps to how you can start moving in the direction of personal betterment as soon as today!! 


1. It starts with sleep. One common thread we see with people who live balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyles, who have higher energy levels throughout their day, is that they are able to make sleep a priority.  We understand that a lot of individuals who we work with have hectic, and unpredictable schedules, which can make healthy sleep patterns a bit problematic.  What we suggest: understanding the natural circadian rhthym of the sun and the moon, is to follow the cycle, and start going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day.  If you can make this a habit, you will see your energy levels increase, your bodily functions improve in effectiveness, and its a great, simple place to start! If your schedule requires less sleep than you feel is ideal, we get it, but instead of trying to force more hours into an already time compromised weekly schedule, lets start with the basics! Go to sleep the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning for the next 28 days, and tell us how you feel!


2. Drink water! It's important to drink water every day. Everyone is unique, but generally speaking, try to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day for the next 28 days and take note what happens to your sleep, recovery, and energy levels.  You may even experience some weight loss along the way! Being dehydrated can cause many issues to the function of the brain and the body--make drinking water a priority!! 


3. Move. This one is a non-negotiable. Daily movement of the body is of upmost importance concerning health and longevity. Movement enhances blood flow, clears the mind, and energizes the body for your hectic, and stressful day ahead.  Try making daily movement (start small with 15-20 minutes of consistent walking, jogging, or riding your bike) a priority and within even the first few days you will notice a major difference in your bodies ability to manage stress, focus, and operate overall. 


4. Mental Exercise.  Not everyone will resonate with meditation (although we highly recommend some daily personal reflection in a non-stress setting) but a great way to start is to work on some focused breathing patterns, dive into a great read that challenges how you perceive the world around you, or try simply listening to some of your favorite music in a non-stressed setting as you prepare for your day. Easy right!? Give it a try!! 


5. Block out the distractions.  Social media makes it very easy for us to compare ourselves and our personal journeys (including success and failure) to the people and to the world around us ALL. THE. TIME.  Realize that not everything you see is as it seems, and that not everyone (especially those people you are comparing yourself to) are ACTUALLY living the lives they are posting about, or eating the garbage food (while still having 10 pack-abs) they are posting about.  Know why you do what you do.  Stay centered and aligned on YOUR priorities and what makes you happy.  Remember: Stress is perception, and stress kills.  Change how you look at the world, and you will find yourself a much happier, and healthier individual!!


Start making YOUR routine a success today, and Success will become routine tomorrow!!


Go Forth,


Cody Loeffler

Owner, OPEX Upper Main Line

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