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Personalized Programming, Professional Coaching and Nutritional Guidance for an Optimum Fitness Experience.

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The OPEX Upper Main Line Mission

At OPEX Upper Main Line Fitness, each client is unique, and has specific individual goals. We believe in delivering professionally designed fitness programming and coaching to help them reach those goals, and achieve progress for years to come. 

OPEX Upper Main Line

What is OPEX?

    Affordable Personalized Fitness Programming & Professional Coaching, paired with nutrition and lifestyle guidance, completed when your schedule allows!

    Private fitness sessions with one of our expert coaches for a one-to-one fitness experience.

    Personalized fitness programs completed off-site with monthly consults and guidance to keep you on track!

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One of the most important aspects of a client's long term results is that they make tangible progress in areas of their lives that they prioritize. Whether that is providing for your kids, building your career, or competing at the pinnacle of your sport, at OPEX Upper Main Line we have the ability to design the best path for YOU to get there!

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Each individual has unique goals, unique stories, and unique schedules. We specialize in customizing fitness and nutrition plans to cater to YOUR lifestyle, and our coaches are specifically trained on creating individually designed programs that work FOR you and WITH you.

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Our thoughts on fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles

JT Boyer: A Super Dad's Guide to Health and Longevity

JT Boyer: A Super Dad's Guide to Health and Longevity

"My coach knows my schedule and (he) fits what my needs are into the time I have available to exercise. OPEX is the most customized and efficient exercise program I've ever done. I want to be and look different than most guys my age, who have families, that are content with letting their fitness go by the waste side. I want my son to see how hard I work and the results it yields, and I refuse to let life win the battle of aging" -JT Boyer

Julia Taraborrelli: Trust the Process

Julia Taraborrelli: Trust the Process

"To be in an atmosphere where every single coach, not just my own, wants nothing but the best for you literally feels like home. With everyone else there working out together I truly feel that I found where I belong. I want to be at OPEX UML. I want to wake my ass up at 4:00am three days a week and drive in the pitch dark battling herds of deer to get to the gym and be in a full blown dripping sweat by the time most other people's alarms are going off. I want to be fully awake throughout the day and walk around with my muscles pissed off from a hard day's work. And most importantly I want to look at myself in the mirror and absolutely love who I am. Because of OPEX I can do all of those things and more." -Julia Taraborrelli

Fit to Win: Why every fitness athlete needs a Coach in 2019

Fit to Win: Why every fitness athlete needs a Coach in 2019

With all of the recent and abrupt changes in the structure of how athletes qualify and compete in the CrossFit Games, we believe competitors will need a personal coach to manage how they train and prepare for the sport of fitness, in a season that now demands athletes to compete in 16 qualifiers per year!

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